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Top 10 reasons why mums are the best!!

Calendar Wed 10th Mar 2021

#MothersDay is this Sunday 14th we decided to create a #top10 on all the reasons why we think mums are the best 

💐 They always have our backs, no matter what we do wrong, they will always support us or try and make us see the logic in things. 

💐 They have to listen to our constant crying and complaining from the moment we were born right up to adulthood.....and then you have the constant drama through the teenage years!!! 

💐 Mums will go above and beyond to help us no matter how big or small the problem is, they will always try and provide us with a solution. 

💐 Mums are the most patient people we know!!! Lets face it....who else could listen to a constant string of 'Mum......Mummy.....Mum....Mummmmmmmyyyyyy' every two minutes??? 

💐 They give the best advice and teach us the most important life values. 

💐 They are always there to listen to our problems, and help pick up the pieces with their positive attitude. 

💐 Mums are selfless.....they will literally give away their last piece of their favourite food (even if they wanted it) just to see us happy! 

💐 Mums will always forgive us...even if we do accidentally break their favorite vase.....they act cross and they probably are, but they always come around in the end. 

💐 They are the strongest person we know 

💐 The last and most important point, mums brought us into this world, they have cared for us from the moment they knew of our existence, they have looked after us, stood by us and made us the person we are today.....

#MothersDay #MumsAreTheBest #WeLoveOurMum

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